The Gym: A Mother’s Haven

I joined the gym.

Don’t worry – it’s only a trial so far; I haven’t gone an all-out commitment… yet. But I have good reason to believe I will. Well, a few good reasons. The first is because I really need to get moving, for health reasons – I have hypersomnia/narcolepsy and the less I move, the more tired I become. But there’s another big reason: the gym is an oasis, a safe haven of mental recuperation.

My gym has kid-friendly classes; I don’t plan on bringing my kids, ever. This is my Me-Time, my chance to think about sweet nothing save the burn in my thighs as I chuck another hack-squat. It’s wholesome on every level: physically, of course, but also emotionally and spiritually, it gives a massive boost just to know that I’m doing something good for myself. It’s even better than cake. (Maybe… OK, it depends on the cake – but it’s pretty damn close)

They say that, as a parent, you need to fill your own cup before you fill those of the little charges. Some take that to mean filling their wine glass, but wine doesn’t agree with me, so this is my outlet. So far it’s been one day, with two classes, but I’m already on the biggest high. My favourite part? Skipping out after dinner to go do Pilates while husband got the kids ready for bed – just like I have to do when he waves goodbye and heads to a music gig (he plays keys) or takes off to watch the footy.

Tomorrow, my muscles will burn, but there’s no way that’ll stop me going back on Friday to do it all again. I’ve found my little Zen space, and while I’m there, I’ll be improving my health, getting stronger, and dealing with this pesky mum-tum that insists on hanging around. There’s just so much win!

Every mum needs her outlet, her own sacred me-time. What does yours look like, or how would you like it to look, if you don’t currently get it?